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Affiliate Program

Some of the key benefits of membership in our Affiliate Program are:

  • Engagement with top students for possible recruitment and a substantial increase in the supply of graduates for work in the area of Smart Fields.
  • Development and testing of software techniques to make the concept of smart fields practical.
  • Facilitated access to research results (advance copies of publications, reports, software, etc.).
  • Annual meeting to review and discuss research.
  • Possible visits by Stanford faculty to member companies' research centers to discuss research. The site presentations and all information, data and results arising from such visitation interactions will be shared with all members and the public.
  • Discussions of possible collaboration on research between Stanford and member companies.

Membership fee is $50,000 per year, renewed annually. Affiliate members may wish to provide additional funds above the annual fees to be used for SFC Affiliate Program research conducted by a participating faculty member or for a particular area of research under the SFC Affiliate Program. The faculty director of the program will determine how the additional funding is to be used in the SFC Affiliate Program. All research results arising from the use of the additional funding will be shared with all of the Affiliate Program members and the general public.

The SFC Industrial Affiliates Program is governed by the Stanford University Policies Affecting Industrial Affiliates Program Memberships.

Please contact us to discuss the membership opportunities.