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Mehrdad Gharib Shirangi

Mehrdad Gharib Shirangi
Title:Ph.D. Student
Primary Affiliation:
Office Location:Green Earth Sci. 123
Research Group:Smart Fields Consortium
Alternative Website:Research website


My main research interest is closed-loop reservoir management which includes production optimization and field development optimization under uncertainty, and data assimilation.

In production optimization, the total oil recovery or the net present value (NPV) are maximized by finding an optimal set of parameters for well settings where the well locations are fixed. In the well placement optimization problem, decision parameters may include number of producers and injectors, their locations, and the well settings. As the true reservoir model is not known in real problems, the optimization is performed on a set of realizations that capture the uncertainty of the the reservoir model. In my PhD research, I am developing a new framework for field development optimization.

During my MS study, I focused on optimal parameterization in the Levenberg-Marquardt or the Gauss-Newton algorithms for sampling the a posteriori pdf,with the main application as history matching production data and uncertainty assessment in future performance predictions.

Besides my main research, I am also interested in numerical optimization and numerical reservoir simulation. 


  • 2011 - Present | Student of PhD in Petroleum Engineering in the ERE department, Stanford University
  • 2011 | Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering, The University of Tulsa
  • 2009 | Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran 
  • 2009 | Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran

Honors & Awards

  • 2012 |  Recipient of SPE Star Fellowship in the Western North American Region 
  • 2011 | Member of Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society
  • 2004 | Ranked 34th in the nation-wide university entrance examination among 450’000 participants, Iran

Courses Taught

    Teaching Assistant for "Advanced Reservoir Simulation" taught by Louis Durlofsky, Hamdi Tchelepi, Marco Thiele.  Fall 2012


  • 2014 | Gharib Shirangi, M., History matching production data and uncertainty assessment with an efficient TSVD parameterization algorithm, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 113, 54–71 
  • 2012 | Gharib Shirangi, M., Mukerji, T., Retrospective optimization of well controls under uncertainty using kernel clustering, SCRF group meeting.
  • 2011 | Gharib Shirangi, M., History matching production data with truncated SVD parameterization, MS thesis, University of Tulsa.

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