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Research Visuals

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Two diagrams showing before-repair and after-repair well configuration.
Two diagrams showing well pattern optimization, a) WPO and b) two-stage.
A diagram of optimization with multigroup strategy plotting NVP vs number of function evaluations.
Three diagrams showing recurrent neural network for well control optimization (oil produced, water produced, water injected).
Four diagrams showing data-space inversion using a recurrent autoencoder-comparison to rejection sampling.
Four diagrams showing prediction of co2 plume location using data-space inversion.
Models and line diagrams showing the transform net for cnn-pca geomodeling.
Prior and posterior models from 3d cnn-pca.
3d Recurrent R-U-Net Flow Surrogate diagram.
Water saturation map models at da 50, 350 and 1000 for both Recurrent R-U net and Simulator.
Models of pressure fields for three realizations for both Recurrent R-U net and Simulator.